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Locked Down Diaries – 1

Good evening all,

I am planning for a Weekly Diary on Locked Down, which officially started from march second half 2020. This is the first writing so let us start.

March started like a charm in the northern hemisphere. Everything was perfect, still, a few cases of this epidemic outburst in my state Kerala, India. I usually travel for 15-20 days a month that too across my entire state. In the month of February, I visited Kasaragod which is the northernmost border of Kerala. People city everything feels different and it is amazing. After a long and busy week of travel in Feb Last, I was planning to take a break as I am much tired with my travels. So, First Week of march I kept as vacant.

But after the first week of March, everything changed. The Covid-19 Epidemic is the main point of discussion for everyone across the world, outburst from China spreads to other parts of the world. The company cancelled all my travels for the month of March. By the time things are getting more complex, new cases started reporting across my country. The situation of Italy & Spain is being discussed across all the media. I am not that much aware of this epidemic, I was affected by someone who was trending in social media those days in fact I was mad, maybe because of this new atmosphere, new work culture.

Days started moving on and situations are getting more serious in my country also and officially over Government announced Locked Down. It was a new experience for all of us. Shops remained closed, local transport stopped, domestic and international flights cancelled. Seriously we are in some different sphere. Here I am starting my new journey through this Locked Down. Will catch you all in upcoming writing.

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