I am Missing My Sunshine

The walls of my room are missing your visits

I want to create a new world of our own

I wish there be no distance between us

I wish there be just u and me

Everything which is mine is  yours, 

You could take my life if you wish

Carve your name on my breathing 

It makes me feel more alive every time for your heartbeats

I never gave enough time of you

Nothing influences me now 

My destiny and my inclination are all focuses on you

I just have to stay in your  forever in your love

Since I got you in olden day

Without you, even a single moment seems long for me

My soul is missing your love much today

Let’s build our small world, just u and me.

If you’re ever sad or hurt, just laugh at me. 

If you’re ever anger, just shout at me

Everything which is mine is  yours, 

I am alive only for you my sunshine

Your heartbeats give me life

After I see you for first, I learned to smile

The way you blushed that day is still der in my mind

The way you smile, Way you Talk 

I don’t know when I’ve fallen for you 

I have forgotten the whole universe

Since I met you

You’re my heart and  life forever

I can’t stop talking about you.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

The path of love, which lead me this far. 

Finally, I realize the meaning of love

I Miss you my Sunshine

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