A Small Love Story

This is my first story, expecting huge support from all my readers. This story is a short story and you guys can expect more works from me soon I hope. 

Does all this happen in a while? Time is running like anything and I need to accept this fact. Almost a year, Last November exactly 6 days before my birthday which is on November 18, I accepted my love, maybe it is just a year but for us it isn’t, I know her from 2011. She came into my life like a romantic western wind. “The breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind” exactly she came into my life like that. We were good friends, we shared all our activities, jokes and even trending news. We become close, more close, maybe because of our common interests. One day she expressed her love, 

I was like expressionless if you guys ask me You also like her, right? I will say yes but I didn’t reply. After a day I thought I should give her a response, finally, I did. My first Love. 

“There’s no love like the first” like Nicholas Spark said It’s very hard for everyone to forget their first love. We were much close and the relationship going on with small fights and more happiness, even I can sense If she is sad without asking her, maybe some telepathy. As I told we had fought only for one reason, which I am going to keep as a secret until my next story. Time went, I am sure no one in this world can love me as she did., but because of my mistake I will say we got separated or time separated us. A girl came into my life for a short period of time, we cant call it as love, but there weren’t any special moments without thinking about my first love. Sorry guys forgot to introduce myself I am Raj and Simran, my first love. I am not going to give a name to the second girl which shows her significance, many reasons are there behind but not going to reveal it, as our Raj is not that open-type. Back to the present, I am not going to tell you how I met my Simran again, then this story won’t be a short one It will be a long one but ………………

One day I got a notification that she joined a social media website, it was a push notification in my phone, maybe God almighty only sent this notification. I was like, don’t have a word in my dictionary to explain that moment. Texted her in that social media app, I was expecting an instant block but she talked normally, I am sure she also missed me like me, even if I am pointing Desert Eagle ( Pistol ) towards her but can’t pull the trigger even at the worst situation. “Loving once and only once is possible – anything is possible”. We started talking maybe more than before, almost 6 years of the gap but My Simran is waiting for her Raj. And Villain Raj, he confessed everything to her, they become close, again time passed our friendship grown and we know we love each other but didn’t express or don’t know something stopped us, Nothing is in our hand, On November 12 he expressed his love again,  time changed us but our love remains same maybe more close. Happy Anniversary Simran. . . 

I am dedicating to story to Raj’s Simran and wishing them a happy anniversary and a happy life ahead. 

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